Raiders Hall of Famer could join Tom Brady's ownership bid: Report

A Raiders legend could be joining forces with Tom Brady to get a piece of the franchise.
Mark Davis with Tom Brady.
Mark Davis with Tom Brady. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Tom Brady's road to Las Vegas Raiders ownership has been longer and more complicated than he was likely expecting. He's hit a number of snags and the biggest issue could be money. Owner Mark Davis was willing to give him a steep discount, but the NFL owners weren't down with that.

It has led to a number of delays in Brady officially getting an ownership title. However, he may have some help on the way. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, former Raiders defensive lineman and NFL Hall of Famer Richard Seymour is joining forces with Brady to buy a piece of the team.

"Seymour, we’re told, will join forces with Brady. Together (and with their own partners) they would own 10.4 percent of the team," Seymour wrote.

"The combination of Seymour and Brady is expected to resolve most of the concerns about Brady’s bid. Among other things, Mark Davis originally proposed giving Brady a steep discount over market value. That didn’t fly with the other owners."

Seymour helps bridge the gap for Brady as they played together on the Patriots for years but he also played for the Raiders. Now, Seymour and Brady are very rich but they're not NFL owner rich. According to Forbes, the Raiders are worth $6.2 billion. 10.4% of that would be nearly $645 million. That's more than the two made in NFL career earnings combined.

Florio referenced that they have other unnamed partners and they're likely giving the majority of the funding. Seymour and Brady are excellent faces for an ownership group and perhaps this group has eyes on taking a controlling interest in the franchise at some point. Davis doesn't have an heir to take over the Raiders once he retires but fans would likely be happy to see a former player like Seymour as part of the ownership group.

Based on Florio's report, it sounds like if the Brady ownership happens, Seymour will be part of his group so it could just be a matter of waiting for NFL approval.