Raiders vs Packers 2023 Week 5: 3 Bold Predictions

The Las Vegas Raiders take on the Green Bay Packers in Week 5, and here are three bold predictions for the matchup in primetime.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders / Sam Morris/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders and Green Bay Packers will face off in a big Monday Night Football matchup this Monday night, and both teams so far have already had a rollercoaster season. The Raiders got off to a fast start to their 2023 season by beating the Denver Broncos on the road in Week 1, but it has been downhill ever since.

Monday night, they look to get back on track, and got some good news this week with Jimmy Garoppolo returning from injury. In what should be a good primetime game under the lights, I have bold predictions for the Raiders in this game. 

Raiders vs Packers 2023 Week 5: 3 Bold Predictions

1. WR Davante Adams Has 10+ Catches for 150+ Yards, 2 touchdowns

Playing against his former team that drafted him, Davante Adams will be ready to make a statement on Monday Night Football against the Packers. Adams always plays with a a ton of motivation and dawg in him regardless, but this one might hit a little different. I think he gets going early in this game and never lets up. 

2. QB Jimmy Garoppolo Throws For 3 TD’s, 0 INT’s. 

Garoppolo has had a rough start to the season, currently the NFL leader in interceptions with 6 through only three games. I think Jimmy plays a very clean game on Monday night and throws for three TD’s with no interceptions. 

3. The Defense Creates Two Turnovers 

This is very bold, because as of now, the Raiders have only had one turnover in four games this season, and even when they can create one, that’s typically all they can get, and even that doesn’t happen often. The last time they created two turnovers in a game was November 27th, 2022, in a 40-34 overtime win last season against the Seahawks, almost a full year ago. Packers quarterback Jordan Love has thrown three interceptions in his last two games after starting the season with no turnovers after the first two games.

While quarterbacks, no matter who they are tend to have huge games and bounce back against the Raiders, I think the Las Vegas defense will actually step up and continue to improve in this game and as the season progresses. 

Conclusion: The Raiders win and beat the Packers by 10 points. Raiders fans can only hope, because this also doesn’t happen often. The last time the Raiders won by 10 or more points was also almost a full year ago, October 23rd, 2022 in a 38-20 win over the Texans last season.