Raiders vs Packers 2023 Week 5: Studs and Duds

The Las Vegas Raiders pulled out another close victory as their defense took over the game, here are the Studs and Duds from a Monday night nail-biter against the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders
Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Raiders vs Packers 2023 Week 5: Studs and Duds

Josh Jacobs - Stud

Coming into the matchup against the Packers, there were high hopes that the Raiders would be able to run the ball with ease. The Packers were the 31st ranked rushing defense and had given up over 200 yards in two separate games already this season.

Unfortunately for Josh Jacobs, the Raiders offensive line continued to struggle to produce anything on the ground and he had to work extremely hard for the 69 yards that he did gain on the ground. There were several occasions where Jacobs had to make guys miss in the backfield in order to produce any sort of gain, but he kept on churning and put the offense on his back.

The star back finished the day with 69 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries and added another five catches for 20 yards. It was not a very notable offensive performance which has become the norm for this team, but Jacobs showed why he believes he’s worth the money with the plays he made on Monday night. 

Jacobs has yet to have a 100 yard game this season and in fact has not topped the 70 yard mark but we have a feeling he’s going to break out one of these weeks and take over a game. Perhaps a matchup against a Patriots team that looks ready to quit. Could help get this rushing attack and Josh Jacobs season back on track.