Where Does PFF Rank the Raiders Defensive Line?

Pro Football Focus ranked the defensive lines for each NFL team. Do they believe the Raiders should be considered among the best?
New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Pro Football Focus ranked all 32 NFL teams' defensive lines, revealing where the Raiders' strongest unit landed.

Considering the amount of talent amongst the group, the Raiders defensive line's ranking of ninth for the upcoming season appears low. The defensive line's output was a major factor in the defense's top-ten finish, which saw it finish the season ranked ninth overall by PFF. So even with the addition of Christian Wilkins, a phenomenal defensive tackle, the unit that carried the majority of the workload for a top-ten defense only manages to finish ninth?

One could argue Wilkins's recent arrival and lack of playing time with the team could be the reason, but the Jets and Lions both have new key players on their rosters, and both were ranked higher than the Raiders (Jets No. 1) (Lions No. 4). PFF is very reputable and accurate, but it's possible they could be underestimating the ability of this Raiders defensive line.

Is Depth a Concern?

If you had to point to an area of concern for the D-line, it would be the potential for a lack of depth. However, there are two players in particular who could step up and address this depth issue if this is the roster that starts the 2024 season. Tyree Wilson, a defensive end, and Byron Young, a tackle, both entering their second season, have the potential to bring a new dynamic to the Raiders' defense if they do take that next step.

It is still feasible for the Raiders to add a free agent in order to solve the depth problem. Although we have talked about the possibility of a reunion with Yannick Ngakoue and what that could look like, there are other talented free agents who could contribute right away. This Raiders defensive line could be the best in football this coming season if this issue is resolved, whether it be through current players or free agency.