PFF lays out who the Raiders should have picked at No. 77 overall over Delmar Glaze

The Las Vegas Raiders selected Delmar Glaze at pick No. 77 overall, but Pro Football Focus feels this player should have been the selection.
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The Las Vegas Raiders brought in eight new players via the 2024 NFL Draft, a significant haul for general manager Tom Telesco in his first draft in that role for the franchise. A seasoned veteran at the general manager position, Telesco had a good idea of what he wanted to do in the draft, and landed some elite talent across the three-day event.

However, as is always the case with the Raiders, there were a few reaches, something to be expected when teams start to draft for need over talent. The truth is, Las Vegas had a lot of work to do this draft season, as they had numerous holes to fill on the roster, and overall, Telesco did a good job at bringing in guys who can help this team right away.

Over at Pro Football Focus, they laid out which player the teams who had the biggest reaches should have selected instead of the guy they picked. Of course, the Raiders were mentioned in the article, pointing to No. 77 overall pick, Delmar Glaze.

PFF says Raiders should have went with TJ Tampa at No. 77

Glaze is a versatile offensive tackle prospect, and that position group was one of the Raiders biggest needs heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. A player that played both right and left tackle at the collegiate level gives the Silver and Black depth at a position of need, so we can see why Telesco reached for him a bit on Day 2.

Most scouts had Glaze as a Day 3 prospect, but he will have a role with the Raiders right away.

In writer Max Chadwick's opinion, the selection at No. 77 overall should have been Iowa State cornerback TJ Tampa, a player who would have filled a huge void on the Raiders roster as well. Across many of our mock drafts heading into the NFL Draft, we liked the Raiders to add Tampa as well, who fell all the way to pick No. 130 with the Cleveland Browns.

Nobody knows what each player will do at the next level, but we can see why Glaze is viewed as a reach, as PFF had him at No. 257 on their big board. Maybe he comes in and grabs a starting job right away, but it is clear either player could have helped Las Vegas in Year 1.