How a Las Vegas Raiders playoff run begins with starting Aidan O' Connell for the rest of the season

The time is now for the Las Vegas Raiders to make a run, and all runs start with stability at the quarterback position. Aidan O'Connell brings that stability.

Las Vegas Raiders, Quarterback, Aidan O'Connell #4
Las Vegas Raiders, Quarterback, Aidan O'Connell #4 / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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Aidan O'Connell can be the reason Josh McDaniels keeps his job in 2024.

It is safe to say that the product on the field is not what the Raiders were expecting in 2023. From a defensive standpoint, the unit has been the driving force behind the team's victories. From an offensive standpoint, the acquisition of Jimmy Garoppolo has resulted in an offense featuring two All-Pros in Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams, failing to score 20 points in six contests this season.

Should O'Connell start for the remainder of the season and thrive in McDaniels' offense, it may be the saving grace to retain Josh McDaniels next season. It is evident that Jimmy G isn't the answer, and Brian Hoyer won't be either. The Purdue rookie succeeding and thriving and pushing the Raiders to make a run is what can save the season. He has the will to win, no matter the cost.

It is time to unleash him - for good.