Las Vegas Raiders: Why rookie quarterback Aidan O’Connell could win the starting job

The Las Vegas Raiders drafted Aidan O'Connell in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draft, and here is why he could earn the starting job as a rookie.
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Raiders: Why rookie QB Aidan O’Connell could win the starting job

If he wins the starting job, he will be the QB for the next decade

O’Connell could be the future of the Raiders if he proves himself in training camp or if/when he’s called upon this season to step in and start. He’s only 24, will be 25 in September right as the season begins, but at that point the Raiders could still get easily ten years at least from him as long as he’s consistent and can ultimately win games.

That’s what the Raiders need more than anything right now. A quarterback who can come in, take the lead and be consistent, and again, ultimately win games. Can Aidan do that? We will see soon enough, as training camp is officially underway, and the 2023 season is very quickly approaching.

Overall, the Raiders are going to give Garoppolo every chance to earn the starting job, and play there as long as he is healthy. The good thing is, for the first time in a long time, there should be some serious competition at the quarterback position, and that kind of battle will be good for all the quarterbacks i

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