Which Raiders quarterback is the better fit in Luke Getsy's offense?

Which Raiders QB can run the new offense better?
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Aidan O'Connell

After gaining an insight into the Raiders' anticipated 2024 offense, which quarterback among these fits the mold the best? The quarterback who led the Raiders through the second half of last season, Aidan O'Connell.

O'Connell does have certain skills that fit in well with the Luke Getsy offense, such as his success with play-action. O'Connell had a 70% completion rate on play action according to PFF, compared to a 63% completion rate on regular dropbacks.

This demonstrates the ability to run play action comfortably, which will be a mainstay of the offense. Although only 10% of passes last season went for 20 yards or more, O'Connell's adjusted completion percentage of 35% (which does not include throwaways or drops) of those passes down the field ranked 31st in the league.

Further evidence, the second-year quarterback is also the most at ease throwing short to intermediate passes in the middle of the field, the latter being a positive, but the former could present an issue because Getsy occasionally takes deep shots down the field after the run is established, but it is completely possible O'Connell can get better at this before his sophomore campaign begins.

Although O'Connell can't extend plays as much as Minshew, he is still mobile enough find success in this offense. As mentioned previously, the new coordinator stated that he looks for "escapability" in a quarterback, and O'Connell can provide enough.