Which Raiders quarterback is the better fit in Luke Getsy's offense?

Which Raiders QB can run the new offense better?
Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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Gardner Minshew

And for the quarterback Gardner Minshew, who has a reputation for extending plays and allowing receivers to get open. Although it might not seem like it at first, the more you look into it, the more similarities are noticed between Aidan O'Connell and the new Raider quarterback Gardner Minshew.

Although Minshew is obviously the more mobile of the two, like O'Connell he prefers to show off his accuracy with short intermediate passes between the numbers rather than long shots down the field. Minshew has a career completion percentage of 63% for play-action passes and 47% for deep balls (20 yards or more), both similar to O'Connell, giving Minshew the edge in accuracy deep, but O'Connell the nod in play-action.

As for experience, Minshew has more—he will be starting his sixth NFL season, however, O'Connell has developed a rapport with the offense from the previous campaign. Despite his reputation for having a high football IQ and leading a team, Minshew occasionally tries to force a play that isn't there.

This can lead to the potential for big plays, but also runs the risk of turnovers.