Which Raiders quarterback is the better fit in Luke Getsy's offense?

Which Raiders QB can run the new offense better?
Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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Who wins?

While each quarterback has unique strengths and weaknesses, they do share certain abilities. As the offseason goes on, we will all be closely following this quarterback competition, which should bring out the best in both players.

It will prove to be very competitive. It is genuinely a very close call as to which quarterback best demonstrates the talent and style of play necessary to succeed in this offense, I believe both could prove successful. Based on the available information, early in the process, I believe Aidan O'Connell would be a better fit if I had to choose one at this time.

However, I think O'Connell will execute that at a more successful clip, even though both players are capable of accurately throwing those short, quick passes through the middle of the field. In addition, I think he'll get better at throwing the ball downfield and project his poise and composure that we got a glimpse of as a rookie.

O'Connell demonstrated his strength in this area last season, with a red zone completion percentage of 71%. Add to all of this the fact that the quarterback, in his second year, has enough "escapability" to be productive in this offense. This being said, given the talent and depth in the quarterback position, whoever ends up starting will have a great season.