Raiders: Ranking the AFC West quarterback groups

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Maxx Crosby, Patrick Mahomes
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

This one was always obvious. Not only is he the best quarterback in the AFC West, but Patrick Mahomes is simply the best player in the NFL and seems to be getting better. 

Fresh off his third Super Bowl victory, where he captured his third game MVP, Mahomes has shown a remarkable ability to reinvent himself and the Kansas City offense. While he once ruled the NFL as the king of explosive plays and downfield bombs, he now operates a much more methodical offense and does so with ease. 

With off-season additions like Marquise Brown and Xavier Worthy, the vertical component of the Chiefs offense may be returning in 2024 which would put Mahomes directly at the forefront of the MVP conversation once again. 

Behind Mahomes is former Eagles starter Carson Wentz. An interesting backup option, the Chiefs season would be firmly on the ropes if Wentz was asked to play in a significant amount of games. Mahomes is simply too valuable and will top this list for many years to come.