Raiders RB Zamir White turns heads with intense body transformation

The Las Vegas Raiders running back is looking jacked ahead of the 2024 season.
Las Vegas Raiders RB Zamir White.
Las Vegas Raiders RB Zamir White. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders lost Josh Jacobs in free agency this offseason and his production won't be easy to replace. Zamir White rushed for 397 yards in four starts last season, but he hasn't proven that he can sustain that for a whole season.

However, he appears determined to make the most of the opportunity. White has been working extremely hard this offseason. Recently, he posted a photo on Instagram of him at the gym and he looks seriously jacked.

White looks more like a defensive tackle than a running back right now. He was never considered small but he's taken it upon himself to really put on some mass this offseason. It's hard to see how anybody is going to tackle him this season.

Zamir White breakout incoming?

What's going to be important for White is that he didn't lose a lot of speed while adding on all this mass. He'll be difficult to tackle but can he outrun defenders? That will remain to be seen.

Regardless, the Raiders should be happy that he's taken his new job as the starting running back very seriously. White has a history of serious injuries and the extra muscle could help him stay healthy. He's one of the most interesting running backs to watch this season.

The Raiders don't have a great quarterback situation and it's no secret that head coach Antonio Pierce wants to run the ball. It's likely that White will get the ball early and often to start the season. However, he needs to get off to a quick start. The Raiders aren't afraid to do a running back by committee, but White will get the first chance to earn most of the carries.

Jacobs was a powerful runner but he was never as big as White is right now. He could be ready to punish some defenders this season.