Raiders RB Zamir White's incredible journey to possible NFL stardom

The Las Vegas Raiders will make a change at running back, and Zamir White's story goes well beyond the football field.
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For the first time in a half-decade, there’s a change at the Raiders starting running back position. With the departure of Josh Jacobs, the young 24-year-old Zamir White will likely take the coveted spot. The memorable highlight reels left behind by Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, and Josh Jacobs, adds prestige and pressure to being the Raiders running back.

But pressure isn’t anything new to Zamir White. He’s had to overcome adversity since before he was even born.

It’s hard to believe the 215-pound beast who effortlessly lifts massive weights once weighed just 1 pound when his mother was six months pregnant.

Despite doctors advising to terminate the pregnancy, his great-grandmother wouldn’t allow it, even if it meant just one breath of life. His dangerously low weight aside, when he was born he was given just two weeks to live due to a cleft lip and cleft palate.

He survived those two weeks, but if that wasn’t enough, he remained in the hospital with a leak in his kidney and surgery for a hernia.

Against all odds, at three months old, Zamir was finally able to go home and begin his life.

Getting stronger, to better fight the next battle, allowed him to survive and permanently instilled a mindset into him which he’d use for decades to come.