Raiders RB Zamir White's incredible journey to possible NFL stardom

The Las Vegas Raiders will make a change at running back, and Zamir White's story goes well beyond the football field.
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Raiders to roll with White in 2024

When you aren’t given much of a chance to live, as he was in infancy, and you’re fortunate to beat the odds, then and only then can you really understand the value of time. So even when Zamir White has been injured, he’s never wasted time, and he’s always continued to get better despite not being on the field.

The legend of Zamir White lives in his mental strength, which he’s used to overcome every physical challenge thrown his way. His injuries do not define him. They never have. Rather his toughness and his leadership ability are the reasons he’s where he is today. That’s why he’s in position to become the Raiders starting running back in 2024.

While we so often hear about the players whose injuries negatively impacted their career, with Zamir White it’s the opposite. He’s not a “what if”. He accomplished an incredible high school career and college career despite those setbacks. And now, because of everything he’s put into the game of football, his chance at a successful NFL career begins.