3 realistic trades the Raiders could make for Justin Fields

If the Las Vegas Raiders do decide to trade for Justin Fields, here are three realistic trades that could land them the promising quarterback.

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
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Trade No. 1

We start out with a trade that could make Raider Nation shake their heads, as the team would be sending their second round pick to the Bears for Fields. In addition, the Raiders would add the No. 111 overall pick in the draft, a fourth-round pick, and one that would give them back-to-back selections on Day 3.

This is a heavy haul for Fields, but with the Raiders possibly picking in the middle of the first round in April, they likely will be out on all the top quarterbacks in the draft class. With money still owed to Garoppolo, getting a quarterback in free agency may be too tough, so this trade for Fields would be a cost-effective one.

Last year, the Raiders traded up on Day 2 to select Michael Mayer in the second round, and he had a solid impact in Year 1. However, bringing in Fields, and him playing up to his ability would have a much bigger impact, and possibly give the Raiders their starting quarterback for the next decade-plus.

This would be a tough one to swallow when it happened, but in the end, the Raiders could be big winners.