4 reasonable expectations for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023 Week 10

The Las Vegas Raiders are taking on the New York Jets after a big win against the partner New York team last week in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Raiders Josh Jacobs gets 75 yards rushing and 25 yards receiving

The strength of the Jets is their defense. While the offense has some weapons, the team was built around the talent of Aaron Rodgers and his reset in New York. The Jets defense is top 10 in both passing and rushing but it's pivotal for the Raiders to get the running game going to keep the defense off the field against a Jets team that can turn it on quickly. Handing the ball to Jacobs all day is the way to make that happen.

Raiders offense gains 300 yards

I'm fully aware of how the entirety of this article I have been talking about how good the Jets defense is. However, I think the Raiders come out and smack them in the mouth.

If the Raiders want to win this game, the key is to be aggressive against the Jets defense and make them second guess what the game plan is. Doing this requires execution and not making stupid mistakes such as false starts or holding calls on big plays. This offense can be great, it just needs to get going.