3 reasons Aidan O'Connell will win with the starting QB job in 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders will have a battle for the QB1 job this summer, and here is why Aidan O'Connell will come out on top.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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3. O'Connell proved he can beat AFC West opponents in Year 1

For years, Raiders quarterbacks had struggled to do anything against AFC West opponents, particularly the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, Las Vegas has dominated the Denver Broncos in recent years, but they have been a mess themselves, and finished near the bottom of the division nearly every season.

During the final four games of the 2023 NFL season, O'Connell played his best football, tossing eight touchdowns against zero interceptions. In that time, the Raiders were able to knock off all three of their AFC West opponents, including the Chiefs on Christmas Day.

While O'Connell did not play great in that game, failing to complete a pass after the first quarter, his steady presence at quarterback was impressive for a rookie. That kind of stretch to end a season should not only make him the QB1 coming into camp, but also give his teammates the confidence that he can be counted on under center in 2024.