3 reasons the Raiders must bring back Antonio Pierce as head coach

The Las Vegas Raiders played an inspired brand of football down the stretch in 2023, thanks to the leadership of interim head coach Antonio Pierce.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Offense performed better under Pierce

Before Antonio Pierce took over the team, the Raiders were scoring just over 14.5 points a game (14.6) and were not utilizing their team to the fullest. A team with Jimmy Garoppolo, Davante Adams, and Josh Jacobs with Jakobi Meyers and Hunter Renfrow shouldn't be scoring less than 21 points a game on average.

The Raiders were the laughing stock of the NFL as they were wasting away the remaining years of an elite receiver who they traded for and paid a massive lump sum of money in cash and draft capital. They also shipped Derek Carr to free agency in favor of a much worse option in my opinion.

After Pierce took over the team, the Raiders boosted their points per game to 18.9. The team began moving the ball and the offensive strategy of getting Aidan O'Connell the ball and turning the team over to him seemed to work until it didn't. The preseason wonder struggled in the regular season against elite NFL talent as the Raiders playoff hopes were dashed in a close loss in Indianapolis.