3 reasons the Raiders must bring back Antonio Pierce as head coach

The Las Vegas Raiders played an inspired brand of football down the stretch in 2023, thanks to the leadership of interim head coach Antonio Pierce.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Pierce has earned the respect of the locker room

A big part of coaching a football team is garnering the team's respect and the willingness to work hard to win. Antonio Pierce has the respect of the team and of the locker room. With the uncertainty of the offseason as far as Josh Jacobs and what they will do with the quarterback, one thing is for sure, Antonio Pierce is the leader of this team.

The team has bought into his way, so much so they were the least penalized team under Pierce and they didn't commit one penalty against the Broncos in the season finale.

Antonio Pierce led this team from a top-10 overall pick in the Draft to one win away from a playoff outing. Owner Mark Davis has also expressed his wrongdoing of Rich Bisaccia in favor of Josh McDaniels.

Mark Davis should look to retain Antonio Pierce because the team believes in him. Not only did the defense perform better, but so did the offense and the morale of the team hit an all-time high and fans were very excited for the future.