Las Vegas Raiders: 3 reasons not to pay running back Josh Jacobs

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The debate rages on about whether to pay the NFL's leading rusher or not, as Josh Jacobs has until 1 PM PT to get a long-term deal done with the Las Vegas Raiders. The deadline is here and something has to give for him and the Raiders.

What are the Raiders going to do with their top-five running back? They have a couple of options and one would delight the fanbase by keeping him, while the others would place an even stronger wedge between the loyalists that make up Raider nation. These are three reasons for not wanting to pay him and let him move on at a moment's notice.

Las Vegas Raiders: 3 reasons not to pay running back Josh Jacobs

1. The running back position has become devalued.

Gone are the days of the Shaun Alexander's, Adrian Peterson's, LaDainian Tomlinson's and other all-world running backs. The game has put an emphasis on passing and quarterbacks, tight ends and wide receivers are more of the focus than ever before. For example, the two teams who were in the Super bowl last year, Philadelphia and Kansas City are built for the air raid.

Minnesota just got rid of Dalvin Cook and their offense revolves around Justin Jefferson, while Dallas cut Ezekiel Elliott. Las Vegas can do the same and they have the pass catchers to do so. The only problem with that may be Jimmy Garoppolo though. Can Josh McDaniels utilize him to play well enough to compete with the defending AFC champs and other Super bowl contenders? That could be a deciding factor on whether or not to pay Jacobs.