Las Vegas Raiders: 3 reasons not to pay running back Josh Jacobs

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Las Vegas Raiders: 3 reasons not to pay running back Josh Jacobs

3. Trading him for multiple defenders or draft picks.

Once training camp gets underway and players settle into their surroundings, the trade requests usually come to life. Players get upset with their contract situation or the lack of attention they are receiving on the depth chart and scream bloody murder. Not many owners are willing to cooperate and give in to them, but perhaps this is the fairest way to go if they don't resign him.

Trading for draft picks could be problematic. Jacobs' play is warrant enough to a first-round choice, but does anyone see a decision-maker giving up that nowadays? A mid-round selection, like a third, would be realistic, but that is nowhere near what Dave Zeigler should ask for in return for a back that is just entering his prime.

Next year's class of runners is littered with talent. TreVeyon Henderson, Blake Corum, Donovan Edwards, Braelon Allen, Will Shipley, and Frank Gore Jr. are just a few names. There will also be late-round gems who will gain popularity this fall by putting up video game numbers and throwing their names in the hat. This is another path to take if Jacobs decides to sit out the regular season selfishly.

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