Las Vegas Raiders: 5 reasons they need to pay Josh Jacobs

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders can rely on his durability

Since Jacobs has been in the league, he has stayed relatively healthy, at least for the most part. As a rookie in 2019, he played 13/16 games, in 2020 he played 15 of 16, 2021 in 15 of 16 as well, and this past season in 2022 he played 17 of 17.

That’s 60 Games he’s played in three years, 61 counting the playoff game in 2021. That’s also the only reason he missed the last game of the season in 2021, to rest for the playoffs. Only five games missed out of 66 in three years is a pretty good number, especially for a workhorse running back who is the focal point of the offense.

Raiders star RB takes the pressure off the quarterback

A new quarterback is in town, as for the last three years Jacobs has played with quarterback Derek Carr, but now he’s onto New Orleans and Jacobs will be playing alongside former Patriots and 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garappolo.

As I said, the Raiders win when Jacobs runs often. And quarterbacks love to do their thing obviously, but they also love when they have a running back to take that pressure off and are able to have some slack in case they are having an off game or playing in bad weather and need to run heavy.

Jacobs can do that. Former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was known to not play very well in the cold, and Jacobs took that pressure off of him when they had to play in bad weather.