3 reasons the Las Vegas Raiders won the 2024 NFL Draft

Let us dive into why the Las Vegas Raiders won the 2024 NFL Draft.
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1. Brought in elite talent in the first two rounds

While the Raiders may have needed to draft either a quarterback, offensive tackle, or cornerback early in the draft, Telesco took a different approach. He was able to not only bring in elite talent in the first round, but also in the second, getting the best tight end and interior offensive lineman in the draft class.

Brock Bowers is going to be a star at the NFL level, as he is one of those playmaking tight ends who only comes around once in a while. Bowers is going to team well with Michael Mayer at the position group, giving the Raiders two young and dominant players to help take some pressure off of the wide receiver group.

Jackson Powers-Johnson is going to be an excellent interior lineman at the next level, as he has the ability to play both center and offensive guard. Andre James is going to be the center, but the arrival of Powers-Johnson gives the Raiders their starting offensive guard opposite Dylan Parham in what should be a strong unit up front on the offensive side of the ball.

The Raiders did not get a great draft grade from the national pundits, but anybody who covers this team knows what a great haul this was. If this class can become a cornerstone for this franchise moving forward, you have to think Telesco aced his first big test.