A Rebuttal to NY Post’s Pathetic Hit Piece on Raiders Coach Antonio Pierce

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The night before one of the biggest days of Antonio Pierce’s life, the New York Post published an article by long-time writer Phil Mushnick titled “Antonio Pierce’s promotion to Raiders head coach an embarrassment for NFL”.

The timing would’ve been ideal should it have provided relevant, ground-breaking information to take down an evil monster. But it didn’t, nor is Pierce an evil monster as the article title might suggest.

Instead, it was an empty rant, which used a couple of obsolete events to slander a good man before his big day. In a desperate attempt, Mushnick wanted to release this distraction into the world just before the pinnacle of Pierce’s coaching career. It’s as if he needed to settle a personal quarrel with Pierce who played his career in Mushnick’s city.

I won’t share the link to the New York Post article, simply because I don’t want you to click on it and give them business.

But since this hit piece now exists on the internet, I feel the need to write this rebuttal as a way to balance the scales and hopefully offset the NY Post reaching for something that isn’t there.

I already made the mistake of wasting my own precious time reading the NY Post article, so let me shed some light on why it’s complete garbage.

A Rebuttal to NY Post’s Pathetic Hit Piece on Raiders Coach Antonio Pierce

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