A Rebuttal to NY Post’s Pathetic Hit Piece on Raiders Coach Antonio Pierce

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders Antonio Pierce deserves his chance as head coach

Antonio Pierce started his coaching journey almost a decade ago in high school football, before elevating to college football with Arizona State. That ended after a few years due to Pierce and other coaches breaking NCAA’s COVID restrictions for recruiting.

Had Mushnick done his homework, this incident might’ve been a more relevant approach to his attack on Pierce, but I still would’ve combated it as being a minor issue outweighed by his coaching career full of positives.

In the end, Mushnick provided no relevant evidence to why Pierce’s promotion is an “embarrassment”. In fact, Pierce’s promotion is a positive for the NFL. He represents the future of successful coaching in a player-run league – as a former captain on the field, who puts the players first, has passion that cannot be faked and knows how to straddle the line of serious intensity and youthful fun.

This is what an NFL coach looks like. This is who players want to execute for.

The old style of coaching that Mushnick probably prefers is a failing method in today’s NFL. Perhaps that’s what bothers him most about seeing the new style of Pierce rise to the top.

If the New York Post wanted to focus on Pierce’s past downfalls, then they should’ve done so as a way to celebrate how far he has come since then. Instead, they mislead their readers and in doing so, they look foolish going after a rising star in the NFL coaching ranks.