Ex-Raider Richie Incognito pleads for Jon Gruden to return to NFL

The former Las Vegas Raiders offensive lineman would like to see his former coach back in the NFL.
Richie Incognito with Mark Davis.
Richie Incognito with Mark Davis. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It's now been nearly three years since Jon Gruden was forced to resign from his job as the Las Vegas Raiders head coach due to a litany of offensive emails being leaked to the media. He then sued the NFL for the emails getting leaked, which won't make teams super eager to hire him.

While many are out on Gruden due to the things that he said and his lack of success during his second stint with the Raiders, some of his former players believe he should be coaching. Richie Incognito was recently on "The Rush with Maxx Crosby" where he made it clear that Gruden should be coaching again.

"My parents live down in Naples, Florida so whenever I'm down there I go up to Tampa to play golf with him," Incognito said. "So he's in good spirits, you know, he's great, he's got his office, he's watching film, he's breaking things down, but I'd just love to see him back in the game man he's good for football."

It would be one thing if Gruden was winning games before he had to resign but he went 22-31 in his return to the Raiders. The game appears to have passed him by and it's hard to imagine any team is going to want to take on the bad PR by hiring him if he's not going to win games.

There were rumors of him joining the Saints in some capacity, but there's been little word if that's actually happening. He could have some involvement but it doesn't seem like he'll have an official position on the staff.

Gruden's best move might be to go to the college level. His style seems to be a good fit for the college game while he's no longer much of a fit in the NFL. He's also got more than enough money to retire and enjoy vacationing.