Raiders rumors: Could Austin Ekeler replace Josh Jacobs at RB in 2024?

The Las Vegas Raiders could turn the page on Josh Jacobs with a former division rival running back.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders have a major decision to make at running back this offseason, as star Josh Jacobs is entering free agency. Last season, Jacobs missed the final four games with an injury, and in his place, Zamir White helped the Raiders to a 3-1 finish to the campaign.

With Jacobs slated to make a ton of money this offseason, new general manager Tom Telesco could decide to pivot at the position group. White proved he could be a legitimate running back at the NFL level, but going into his third season, Telesco could decide to surround him with a solid player like Austin Ekeler from the Los Angeles Chargers.

According to Jason Reed of, the Los Angeles Chargers team site for FanSided, Ekeler to the Raiders seems inevitable.

"Telesco has proven that he has no problem giving Ekeler some extra cash (hence the incentives) and may end up being the highest bidder.

And to button this entire theory up is the fact that Ekeler and his fiancée recently moved to Las Vegas. That move may just be setting the table for the inevitable."

Jason Reed,

Would Ekeler be a solid fit with the Raiders?

Ekeler is known for his production in all phases of an offense, and prior to his bad 2023 season, he was considered a must-start in fantasy football. The veteran running back had rushed for at least 900 yards in both the 2021 and 2022 campaigns, while also hauling in a combined 177 passes.

Back in 2019, he had a career-high 92 receptions, and the Raiders could certainly use that kind of production in the backfield. With Kellen Moore landing in Los Angeles in 2023, the offense changed, as did Ekeler's role, so he is likely looking for a fresh start this offseason.

There is no doubt that it was a down year for Ekeler, but he had some tremendous seasons during Telesco's run as the Chargers general manager. With the way he can be a weapon in the passing game, and on the ground, Ekeler's skill set could be a perfect complement to Zamir White's power style.