4 backup plans for Raiders after Russell Wilson signs with Steelers

Russ will be cooking in Pittsburgh going forward, so where do the Raiders turn?

Los Vegas Raiders, Russell Wilson
Los Vegas Raiders, Russell Wilson / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Draft a quarterback at pick no. 13

If free agency or a trade for Fields aren't going to suffice for the Raiders and Tom Telesco, then maybe they look ahead to the draft. Currently, they are slated to pick at no. 13 overall. While that's a fairly high pick, all things considered, it might not be good enough to get a difference-maker.

One would assume that, by pick no. 13, you won't see guys like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels or even J.J. McCarthy on the board still. That would leave the Raiders to pick from a pair such as Oregon's Bo Nix or Washington's Michael Penix Jr.

Now, both of those names are arguably first-round talents. But, a lot of experts have them going a bit later in the first round. So, maybe the Raiders can trade back if they're targeting one of those two? It could be worth looking into, if you're Las Vegas.

Penix is the most intriguing out of the two, mostly because he's coming off one heck of a Combine performance. His throwing motion and quick release had scouts, coaches and fans mesmerized. Nix, meanwhile, has been one of the most dramatically-improved players in the nation over the course of the last two seasons.