Raiders Rumors: 5 perfect Davante Adams trades to end the madness

The veteran wideout is clearly frustrated and may want a new home before the deadline
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Trade Number 3: The 49ers try and stop the bleeding

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco 49ers were riding high above the rest of the league at 5-0. Since then, the Niners have lost three in a row and are searching for answers. Defensively, they haven't played too poorly, aside from the most recent 31-point output from Cincinnati.

But, on offense, this team needs to figure things out. Christian McCaffrey cannot do it all, despite popular belief. Brandon Aiyuk has had a good season, but he might not be cut out to be a true WR1. Deebo Samuel has been hurt and, even when healthy, isn't a legitimate, dominant wide receiver like Adams is.

Adams trade 3

In this deal, the Raiders get a wide receiver in return with Jauan Jennings, who isn't necessarily a game-breaker, but someone that can help get them through the rest of this season at the very least. The Raiders also get a first and third-round pick, although they might end up being a bit later if the Niners go on a run to end the season.