Raiders schedule 2024: Every opponent ranked from easiest to hardest

So many thoughts!
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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Gotta Have 'Em

17. Denver Broncos (Home)

Call it home blog bias, but the Broncos are a disaster. If it wasn't for a run of turnover luck that never had a chance of staying consistent, their win-loss record would be a lot more reflective of how much talent is actually on that roster. And now they're going into the start of the Bo Nix experiment with a coach who's not on the hot seat, but certainly isn't far away.

16. Carolina Panthers (Home)

Just kidding, this will be easier than the Broncos game.

15. New Orleans Saints (Away)

Playing on the road in New Orleans is always a little tougher than your average road game, but the Saints aren't exactly pushing for playoff contention. The Raiders, on paper at least, should have an equally just-okay roster.

14. Denver Broncos (Away)

Seriously – I'm going to insist that the Broncos are really, really bad until I see otherwise. Altitude be damned. Even as a road game, this should be one of the easier weeks of the season.