Raiders' spot on latest CBS Sports ranking is as depressing as it gets

Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

This blog is about how the Raiders will be bad this year. If you don't really care about that, no hard feelings. And if you're reading this, that means you've read other things at this here site, and you probably already are extremely aware than 95% of them have been about how the Raiders are going to be bad this year. I've gotta keep writing it, but that doesn't mean you have to keep reading it. Preserve your peace.

Anyway: the Raiders are probably going to be bad this year. I know it, you know it, CBS Sports knows it. That's why they charitably included the Raiders in their latest piece of content, "Ranking five worst NFL teams entering 2024 season." It's such a fun read! Here's why they think* (*know) Raiders will be one of the worst five teams in the NFL.

Raiders' spot on latest CBS Sports ranking is as depressing as it gets

"I hate having to place the Raiders on this list because I like Antonio Pierce and believe his defense has top 10 potential. But there are two reasons why Vegas could be a bottom-five team: offense and schedule ...

"The Raiders didn't add a rookie quarterback in the draft to replace Aidan O'Connell, but did add Pro Bowl alternate Gardner Minshew. Weirdly enough, he and O'Connell had the exact same completion percentage (62%), TD-INT ratio (1.7) and sack percentage (6.5%) in 2023. I feel like working with Shane Steichen was a pretty beneficial situation. I'm not sure we can say the same thing about Luke Getsy. The Raiders also lost one of their primary offensive weapons in former NFL rushing champ Josh Jacobs. Yes, Davante Adams is a stud and Brock Bowers has promise, but can O'Connell or Minshew carry this offense to wins?"

Well, at least they didn't want to put the Raiders on the list? That amounts to something, right? No? Ah. Well, nevertheless.

So basically, for 1000th time this offseason, people are worried that Garnder Minshew and Aidan O'Connell may not be very good. The Luke Getsy shot was new, though. Ending the year as the 5th worst team in football would be bleak, even if it was somewhat predictable. They're going to be worse than the Commanders? I'm not even sure they're the worst team in their own division. Whatever. Let's just daydream about all the ways they could win the AFC West.