Looking back at the Raiders Top-5 NFL Draft misses of all time

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders - October 29, 2006
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Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell
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Looking back at the Raiders Top-5 NFL Draft misses of all time

1. QB Jamarcus Russell - 1st Overall in 2007

Ah yes, you knew this one was coming. It is and always will be the biggest fumble of company funds in Raiders history. There isn't enough characters in the world that can be typed to explain why this was such a bad miss by the Raiders. This by far takes the cake for players who boondoggled their way to Oakland simply from one excitable feature.

Jamarcus Russell jumped on the scene after a few sensational games to end his college career at LSU, one being the National Championship game. He went 21/34 for 332 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT in a game where they put a whooping on Brady Quinn and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Watching him sling the football around the field was quite the sight to be seen. He wow'd people with his arm talent and ability, very famously being known to throw the ball 70 yards from his knees.

After the Raiders drafted him 1st overall, it was all downhill from there. Russell had a string of off the field issues along with some in house problems as well. All that while posting some of the worst stats that have ever been had by a former 1st overall pick. Jamarcus ended his career with the Raiders having played 31 games and passing for 4,800 yards, 18 TD and 23 INT on a meesly 52.1 completion percentage.

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The Player taken directly after Russell was Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson who was drafted by the Detriot Lions at 2nd overall. To add insult to injury, the 3rd overall pick to the Cleveland Browns wound up being another Hall of Fame player in offensive tackle Joe Thomas.

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