Las Vegas Raiders: Top-5 wide receivers from the past decade

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Truthfully, the history of the Raiders can almost be defined by the wide receiver position. When Al Davis was reinventing offensive football, it was predicated on the ability to throw the deep ball to speedy wideouts like Warren Wells and Cliff Branch.

Continuing that tradition, Hall of Famers Fred Biletnikoff and Tim Brown are both considered among the greatest of all time at the position. Whether it be the copious amounts of Stickum on Biletnikoff's hands or the reliability of the one they call "Mr. Raider", the story of the team cannot be told without these two.

In recent times, the team has been involved in the careers of many legendary wide receivers such as Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Jordy Nelson. While none of these players had their best seasons in the silver and black, they are part of the team's history.

Over the last decade, the Raider's wideouts have mostly caught passes from the team's all-time passing leader, Derek Carr. While at times the receiver room has been a revolving door of below-average talents such as Seth Roberts and Tyrell Williams, there has been no shortage of talent as well.

While there were plenty of interesting options to choose from, these five receivers were the best over the last decade.