3 trade candidates Raiders could pursue before training camp

Which one of these potential deals would make the biggest impact?
Las Vegas Raiders, Joey Bosa
Las Vegas Raiders, Joey Bosa / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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Striking a deal for Joey Bosa would make the AFC West that much more interesting

The candidate over in Los Angeles, on Davenport's list, happened to be pass rusher Joey Bosa. The Chargers' offseason has been headlined by many different stories, and none more notable than the hiring of Jim Harbaugh.

Yet, another big storyline had to do with multiple moves made by the Chargers to get cap-compliant. Trading Keenan Allen, cutting ties with Mike Williams and seeing Khalil Mack, along with Bosa, take some pay cuts, were all part of the process.

Bosa has played in 14 games over the last two seasons due to injury and, with the Chargers potentially heading in a fresh direction, he's definitely a name to watch. The Raiders, meanwhile, could pair Bosa with Maxx Crosby and create one of the most feared tandems in football -- that is, assuming good health for Bosa.

If the Chargers were wiling to listen, it might take a bit more from Vegas to pry him away due to the fact that they're a division rival. However, the benefits may just be worth the risk. Imagine Crosby and Bosa on the same line ... whew.