3 untagged free agents the Las Vegas Raiders must sign

After an eventful final day of the Franchise Tag deadline, these three players will hit the open market, and the Raiders need to sign them.

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No. 1 Josh Jacobs 

One of the best players on the market that the Raiders should have their eyes on is one that they are already quite familiar with running back Josh Jacobs. After leading the NFL in rushing yards in 2022, Las Vegas worked out a one-year deal to keep him around for 2023. Unfortunately, Jacobs would have his worst season as a pro with just 805 rushing yards and 3.5 yards per attempt. 

Alas, much of the poor results from last season seem to be due to poor usage and overall awful coaching by former headman Josh McDaniels as Jacobs was notably more explosive under Pierce. He even had his only two 100+ rushing-yard games in that stretch. 

Of course, paying running backs is always a risk in the NFL due to their notably short shelf life. Jacobs even proved this somewhat last season as he missed the team’s final four games and Zamir White performed admirably in his place. Still, Jacobs is just 26 years old, and running back contracts aren’t the back breakers they used to be and he has much less wear on the tires than most backs after not being the feature guy in college. 

A three to four-year contract should work for both sides and seems to be something that Antonio Pierce would want which is why it is so shocking that they did not use the tag on him. Jacobs has stated his desire to stay in Vegas and Pierce is a big fan, so this one shouldn’t be difficult.