Could weather actually help the Las Vegas Raiders vs the Chiefs?

The Las Vegas Raiders will head to Arrowhead in Week 16, and bad weather could actually play to their favor in this one.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders have long had their issues against the Kansas City Chiefs, a team who has dominated the AFC West landscape for the past seven seasons. The Chiefs have won the division every season since the 2016 campaign, an incredible feat no matter how you look at it.

During that time, the Chiefs have dominated their rivalry against the Raiders, a team who has not won the division title since way back in 2002. That was the 15th time the Raiders had won the division, but since starting their run, the Chiefs have tied the rest of the division with 15 seasons atop the AFC West.

Looking at this season, the Chiefs are once again in first place, and are very close to locking down the division title for an AFC West-best 16th time. However, a Week 16 matchup against the Raiders could throw a wrench in their plans, but to beat the Chiefs, Las Vegas will have to do something they normally do not do, and that is win on the road.

The weather won't be great in Kansas City on Christmas Day, but for the first time in a long time, that could actually benefit the Silver and Black.

Could the Raiders benefit from bad weather?

On Christmas Day, the weather will go from rain to snow in Kansas City, and the high is going to be around 40 degrees per the Weather Channel. While that would be a nightmare for the Raiders back when Derek Carr was the quarterback, Aidan O'Connell played his college football at Purdue, so he is no stranger to frigid temperatures.

The Raiders also have the kind of running back that you can pound the football with in cold temperatures, and the expectation is that Josh Jacobs will be ready to go in this one.

Add to the fact that Davante Adams spent his entire career playing in bad weather with the Green Bay Packers before coming to the Raiders, and the Silver and Black should have the combination to move the ball in bad weather. Of course, Kansas City will have no problem doing so either, but Isiah Pacheco is coming off injury, and their wideouts have been downright bad this season.

A win against Kansas City would be huge for a Raiders team who are on life support in terms of the playoffs going into this one, but even if they do not make the playoffs, this would be a signature win for interim head coach Antonio Pierce.