Raiders would be wise to listen to their stars regarding the future

The Las Vegas Raiders have a big decision to make at head coach this offseason, and they would be wise to listen to the voices in the locker room this time around.
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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After the 2021 NFL season, a year that saw the Las Vegas Raiders rise through turmoil on and off the field to clinch a playoff spot late in the season, the franchise had a big decision to make regarding the team's head coach. Rich Bisaccia stepped in after Jon Gruden was let go to lead the team to an improbable playoff berth, but was not given the full-time job after the season.

Going into this offseason, the same scenario will play out for Mark Davis, outside of the fact that the Raiders fell short of the playoffs in 2023. Antonio Pierce has done an admirable job as the team's interim head coach, turning the Silver and Black into an elite defensive team, all the while playing with passion every single week.

We wrote earlier that this is Davis's most crucial offseason of Davis's tenure as team owner, and the players have spoken as to what they would like him to do at head coach. If Davis was wise, he would listen to the locker room.

Raiders star Maxx Crosby is tired of change

Since coming into the league in 2019, Maxx Crosby has established himself not only as the best defensive player on the Raiders, but arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. He plays the game with an incredible motor, reminiscent of Raiders past, and Davis would be wise to listen to what he said about the team's future recently.

Speaking via ESPN, Crosby stated that he wants stability, and endorsing Pierce as head coach, said he is tired of change. He is the unquestioned leader of the Raiders, and the face of the franchise, so Davis better have his listening ears on when it comes to one of the premier players in all of football.

In addition, star wide receiver Davante Adams has also thrown his hat in the ring, endorsing Pierce as well.

This is Mark Davis we are talking about, so you know he is going to try and shoot for the moon this offseason at head coach, and go after a guy like Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh. What he needs to realize is that he already has a leader or men in the locker room, and the best of the Raiders want him back for another go-around in 2024.