Raiders WR Davante Adams named Top-5 Most Marketable Player in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
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How They Are Graded

Like any grading system, it is comprised of how well they score within the metric of a certain category. The full list of categories are based around the most important aspect of what makes a person or brand marketable. This breakdown of their categories and metrics was taken directly from the OLBG website.

Weighting = 25

  • Followers: Total number of followers on Instagram

Weighting = 20

  • Advertising Performance - Brand post engagement rates - comparing the average engagement rate of regular posts with the average engagement rate of posts with brand mentions. If the ER of posts with brand mentions is higher, it means that the influencer is doing a good job promoting products or services and their audience reacts positively.
  • Audience Quality Score The quality of an influencer which consists of several elements, including Engagement Rate, Quality Audience, Follower and Following Growth patterns, and Engagement Authenticity. The higher the AQS, the better.

Weighting = 10

  • Audience Reachability Followers of the NFL stars who follow less than 1,500 people themselves. For people following more than 1,500 people, it is likely they don't see most of the influencer’s posts as it can get lost among thousands of other posts, which is why we view this audience as less reachable.
  • Audience Authenticity - Shows the percentage of total authentic audience and depends on the percentage of real people and influencers a given account has. The higher the number of real people and influencers, the more authentic their audience.
  • Earned Media Value – Estimated cost to gain the same reach through paid social ad with similar audience. Based on est. post price you’ll get $X value for each $1 you pay.

Weighting = 5

  • Sentiment Analysis Percentage of comments made on social posts that express happiness, approval, or another positive emotion.

From here, they would take the graded scores from each metric, add them up together and that would be their marketable index score out of 100. Where Davante Adams ranked within some of these metrics is even more surprising than you'd think.