Raiders WR Davante Adams named Top-5 Most Marketable Player in the NFL

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Raiders Davante Adams Top-5 Rank

Marketable Index Score: 49/100

Before you sit here and think he got a failing grade because he didn't even crack 50%, the top spot on this list only had a 55.9 out of 100. You'll have to check out the full article to see who sits atop that throne, but let's just say him and Adams are quite familiar.

The unfortunate part for Adams is that the categories that had the highest weighting to them were the ones he was on the lower level of. His Instagram followers were 4th out of 5 with 1.3 million. Also, his audience quality was dead last out of the Top-5 guys, coming in at 35 out of 100.

What he did rank well in though was what accumulated to his ability to procure audience engagement. Here is what Michael Calabrese, the editor of the article, had to say for what put Davante in the Top-5:

"he blows the other top stars out of the water for advertising performance, with an impressive 12.77% - suggesting his followers are very engaged with what he’s advertising."

Davante Adams ended up with a final marketable index score of 49 out of 100. That officially put him 5th on the list of Most Marketable Players in the NFL. With the endless amounts of investments and personal branding that professional athletes are able to do now a days, coming in Top-5 is something to be proud of.

A wise man once said: "I'm not a bussinessman, I'm a business, man."

It looks like Davante Adams is taking that bull by the horns and running with it in strides. It is wild to think about how he has been able to build himself into what he is today from a flyover state like Wisconsin. It really makes you wonder what new heights he'll reach being in a business mecca like Las Vegas. The possibilities could be endless.....

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