Shilo Sanders wouldn't mind if dad forced sons to Raiders

The Sanders family appears to have their eyes on the Las Vegas Raiders.
Colorado DB Shilo Sanders.
Colorado DB Shilo Sanders. / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Some Las Vegas Raiders might be worried about this but it looks like the Sanders family could be eyeing the franchise. Next year, Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders and defensive back Shilo Sanders are expected to be in the draft and they may be a packaged deal.

During Big 12 Media Day, Shilo Sanders was asked about possibly playing with his brother on the Raiders in the NFL and had a notable reply.

“If my dad can LeBron James that thang, that would be great," Sanders said.

Notably, LeBron James just recently used his star power to get his son Bronny James to the Los Angeles Lakers. Sanders wouldn't mind if his father Deion Sanders used his voice to help get his sons to Las Vegas.

Shilo Sanders' comments were a little tongue-in-cheek. It's unlikely they would take a stand to force their way to one team. However, Deion Sanders did say that it would be "nice" if his sons got drafted by the Raiders.

The Sanders family is tight-knit and there's been some chatter of Shedeur Sanders only being willing to play for a few teams. The Raiders are clearly one of them. Shedeur Sanders will likely be a first-round pick if he builds off of his 2023 season.

Shilo Sanders isn't as exciting of an NFL prospect. He'll already be 25 by the time next year's draft starts and will likely be a Day 3 pick. However, it might be worth committing to draft him earlier if it leads to Shedeur Sanders refusing to play for any other team.

It's been a long time since we've seen a quarterback prospect refuse to play for the team that drafted him but the Sanders family is unique. This could work in the Raiders' favor if they think Sanders can be a franchise quarterback. Las Vegas will be too good in 2024 to have a super high pick in the first round so the Sanders family forcing Shedeur to the team would be their best shot at getting a top quarterback.