Should the Las Vegas Raiders entertain trading for Kirk Cousins?

With the struggles and injury concerns of Jimmy Garoppolo and the uncertainty of a reliable backup, it would be wise if the Raiders tested the waters on a hypothetical trade for the veteran gunslinger.
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Cousins could be the Raiders playoff puzzle piece

As bad as it has been as times this season the Silver and Black are still in the hunt and have a favorable schedule going forward. Getting through Week 7 with either one is rationale, but what about the rest of the year?

Cousins could be the problem solver that the Raiders have been searching for to get them to the postseason.

Cousins takes care of the ball for the most part and has been steady throughout his career. He hasn't missed much time either. The Raiders already have everything in place for him to succeed on offense, which is crucial. Plus it would increase their chances at challenging Kansas City and competing in the heavyweight conference of the AFC.

When Garoppolo gets healthy, they can use him as trade bait. In reality it won't happen unless lightning strikes twice in the same spot, but let's spitball for a second here.