Should the Las Vegas Raiders entertain trading for Kirk Cousins?

With the struggles and injury concerns of Jimmy Garoppolo and the uncertainty of a reliable backup, it would be wise if the Raiders tested the waters on a hypothetical trade for the veteran gunslinger.
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Trading away Garoppolo for Cousins

Trading him and a third for Cousins could be a legitimate offer if the Vikings are willing to wait for 2024 and go on with Garoppolo as their starter in the meantime. Cousins would be an instant upgrade over Garoppolo if he can translate into the system. Some would say that he wouldn't fit into the scheme though.

Another offer would be to trade picks straight up for Cousins, but Dave Zeigler won't do that either, unless a Davante Adams like proposal is to hard to pass up. Draft picks are just too precious to give up for an older quarterback. Cousins is 35 so a couple of mid round picks would be reasonable for his talents, if things escalated. The problem there would be working the salary cap and having two starters on the roster at the exact same time.

If for some inexplicable reason it went down, then it could be a one year rental too, which makes no sense for the Raiders. They would be left with a rookie, AOC or can resign Cousins on a short-term deal that would be costly. Skipping out on an aging Aaron Rodgers means that Zeigler won't be reeled in by Cousins, no matter how enticing it appears to be.