Which Raiders sold the most jerseys last season?

Were any Raiders among the top sellers in the league?
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Other Players of Interest

On last year’s preseason list, Patrick Mahomes was the king of merchandise sales, and Travis Kelce was No. 5. By the season’s end, they were Nos. 3 and 4 respectively, making them two of the most popular players in the league. I know this makes the skin of every Raiders fan crawl, but if we can win Super Bowls, the jersey sales will skyrocket. Not saying that we want bandwagon fans, but a little more notoriety and respect would be appreciated. 

Just ahead of Jimmy Garoppolo on last year’s preseason list was new Saints quarterback Derek Carr. Like Jimmy G, Carr fell off the list by the season’s end. Obviously, teams will support their starting quarterback and rep their name until something goes poorly, and for both of these players, that is exactly what happened. Neither lived up to their hype, and as a result, their jerseys stopped selling. Another former Raider, recently retired Darren Waller, was 32nd in preseason merchandise sales. But after an underwhelming season and the rumors of his retirement beginning, Giants fans stopped buying his jersey and he fell off the list completely.

Other players who Raiders fans may care about are Justin Herbert, Isiah Pacheco, and Russell Wilson, all of whom made it onto both the preseason and end-of-season lists. Herbert started at 20 but dropped eight spots, Pacheco dropped from 22nd to 41st, and Wilson began at 31 but dropped back to 42. This means that the only AFC West players who became more popular during the season than they were before were Travis Kelce and Maxx Crosby.