History Shall Set Us Free


Okay, I’m so excited that the guys at Arrowhead Addict chose to re-release their Top 10 reasons it’s better to be a Chiefs fan.  Last time the Raiders and Chiefs met (early this season in Oakland) I was not able to find time to post my counter to their list that I was able to come up with.  After a few modifications, I think I’m ready to go.  But like I mentioned early in this week, no matter what any opposing fan says, or opposing team does (i.e. the Patriots), the Oakland Raiders still have a past that surpasses even a 17-57 record since 2003.  The Chiefs might have helped the Raiders build the AFL, but they’ll never touch the success of the Silver and Black.   Just try and deny the list that follows: 

10.  Who is the most successful franchise? Regular season records, Oakland Raiders (400-311), Kansas City Chiefs (380-330).

  9.  Napoleon Harris was a mediocre middle linebacker for the Raiders, but after realizing it, we got rid of him, and now after continued mediocrity in Minnesota, the Chiefs choose to sign him as their starter.

  8.  Who thinks a man named Gunther (Cunningham) can be the Head Coach of an NFL team? The man’s so pathetic he came back for a lesser role. The first former Head Coach to return to the team that fired him. Now that’s funny.

  7.  You know who was really good five years ago, Priest Holmes, and after trading Michael Bennett, and losing Larry Johnson for the season, now it’s Kolby Smith’s turn. Good luck with that.

  6.  The Chiefs chose Trent Green over Rich Gannon. Gannon or Green, it’s really a toss up, but our guy took us to a Super Bowl, went to twice as many Pro Bowls, and was the Pro Football Writers and Associated Press’ MVP in 2002.

5.  We have three super bowls, they have one.  ‘Nuf said.

4.  We have 12 division titles; they have 5.

  3.  Brodie Croyle’s the first Chief to be drafted, and groomed to be Kansas City’s franchise quarterback in my life time.

  2.  On that note-what kind of team depends on other franchises for their most important position? Damon Huard, Green, Elvis Grbac, Steve Bono, Todd Collins, Gannon, Joe Montana, and Steve DeBerg.  Uhhh, did I miss anyone?

  1.  When was the last time the Chiefs won the AFC Championship?  NEVER.  How in the hell can Chiefs fans be crazy about a team that’s never won a ring (Conference or Super Bowl) since the AFL-NFL merger.  Nearly 40 years since your last, and only Super Bowl win- now that’s pathetic.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it; maybe then you’ll forget about how sad your franchise really is.