In reponse to Kim's (&..."/> In reponse to Kim's (&..."/>

The Word Association Game: Predominantly Orange


In reponse to Kim’s (Predominantly Orange) word association game, I sent to her 5 words for her to work with. Here are her responses:

1. John Elway – Denver icon

JBB: Great QB, but why is he letting he son go to Arizona State. He should be going to Stanford like his father. He’s never going to be anywhere near as good as his father, and hell, he’s probably not going to make it as a starter in the NFL; so I think a degree from Stanford might help him a little more than the kegerator, aka, ASU.

2. Alex Gibbs – Greatest offensive line coach ever

JBB: Can’t argue with you there.

3. Tim Brown – Once feared AFC rival

JBB: And the last great Raider.

4. Howie Long – “Buckethead”

JBB: Thank you, exactly the response I was looking for.

5. Travis Henry – Unknown

JBB: Unknown? Unknown what? Unknown future? Uhh, I think he’s gonna have a couple more kids, continue to smoke pot, and be a drain on society.

Sunday, Oakland Raiders Vs Denver Broncos 1:05 P.M. PST