3 AFC West moves that could result in disaster for the Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

Just a little worst case scenario brainstorm to start your Draft weekend.
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Denver Broncos

Trade up for the right franchise QB

Even though he's only been in Denver for a year, it feels like Sean Payton's working on way shorter of a leash than he did when he was the head coach in New Orleans. The Broncos haven't made the playoffs in almost 10 years, and despite not getting nearly the amount of Bad QB attention that the Bears and Commanders have, Denver's results have been just as depressing.

And considering Payton's need to start actually winning games, a Zach Wilson-Jarrett Stidham combo doesn't seem awfully realistic. The Broncos are one of the three teams in that 12-14 range that all desperately want a QB, and it feels like only one of them is going to be able to pull off a trade to go up and get one. So not only would Denver pulling this off be a disaster because they'd land a franchise QB, but they would have beaten the Raiders to the punch while doing so. And there are few things more insufferable than a smug Sean Payton after a win.

Maybe Jayden Daniels' not-so-subtle desire to play for Antonio Pierce and the Raiders is Vegas' ace in the hole? Who knows.