Jayden Daniels sends a clear message to the Raiders ahead of NFL Draft

Could Vegas be poised to pull off a major QB trade?
Texas A&M v LSU
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For most of the lead up to this weekend's NFL Draft, the Raiders haven't been considered much of a threat to make a huge QB move. It's been widely assumed that, sitting at 13, they're a little out of range to trade up for one of the premier quarterback prospects in this year's class. On top of all that, giving a two-year, $25 million contract to Gardner Minshew doesn't seem like the type of move make if you're also about to go bet the house on a Top-3 QB.

BUT [dramatic voice] what if I told you that, reportedly, one of those QBs wants to go to the Raiders? That'd certainly make Thursday night more interesting, right? According to The Athletic's NFL Insider Dianni Russini, LSU QB Jayden Daniels – who's expected to go second overall – has made it clear that he wants to play in Vegas.

Jayden Daniels sends a clear message to the Raiders ahead of NFL Draft

Frankly, it makes a ton of sense. In his short time as a head coach, Pierce's leadership has been praised constantly by his players, and he was credited heavily with turning the Raiders' year around after the team fired Josh McDaniels in the middle of last season. And "dream world" is pretty strong wording from Daniels camp.

It'd take a lot – a lot – to trade up far enough to get Daniels, but that's the price of doing business in the NFL Draft. They'd have to jump Minnesota, Denver, and maybe even the Giants all the way at 6 if they wanted to have any chance of pulling this off – and realistically, they'd probably have to find a way to get Washington involved. It'd be *the* move of of the night, but it's not like the Raiders have ever shied away from that.

When a franchise QB leaks that it'd be a "dream" to play for you, you make a few extra calls.