3 affordable free agent targets for the Raiders in 2024

If Vegas doesn't want to make a huge splash, these could be the guys to target.

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Devin White, LB

Maybe name recognition gets White a contract offer that the Raiders aren't comfortable matching, but if he's truly in the one-year, $7 million market that Pro Football Focus expects him to be, it's an interesting idea.

He's basically a pass-rusher who can tackle well – if you're pro-signing him, maybe don't go look at his PFF run-stopping or coverage grades – but there's still obviously value there. And getting coached up by Antonio Pierce, of all people, wouldn't be the worst thing that happened to his development. And he's only 26 years old, so there's still at least some reason to believe that there may be a few good years left in his career.

And while he only played in 14 games last season, he's typically been dependable during his time with the Bucs: before last season, he appeared in back-to-back seasons, and played 15 games before that. We kind of know what White is, and isn't, at this point, the Raiders could use some linebacker depth, and White wouldn't cost nearly as much as, say, Patrick Queen, Frankie Luve, or even teammate Lavonte David.

White's also familiar with Raiders' linebackers coach Mike Caldwell, who was in Tampa with White for three seasons.