5 best quarterbacks in the history of Las Vegas Raiders

There are plenty of good names to choose from.
Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Raiders have a lowkey great history of quarterbacks. For a team that hasn't been totally relevant for much of their existence, more than a couple of all-time great QBs have suited up in Silver and Black. Whether it was Lamonica in the '60s, Stabler in the '70s, or Gannon in the early '80s, there have been a handful of strong-armed QBs that have come to define the position in Oakland, Los Angeles, and now Las Vegas.

So who makes FanSided's very prestegious list of Top 5 Raiders QBs of All-Time? I'm glad you asked such a topical question! These are the guys that will go down – if they haven't already – as all-time greats within the organization.

Top 5 quarterbacks in Raiders team history

5. Jim Plunkett

Plunkett's Raiders story is pretty incredible. He was drafted first overall by the Patriots, then was traded to the San Francisco 49ers a few years later, before joining the Raiders in 1978 as a backup. Then, during the 1980, Plunkett got his chance after starting QB Dan Pastorini fractured his leg in a game against the Chiefs. Plunkett would go on to lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl win in Super Bowl XV and was named MVP of the game.

After a few down years found him back on the bench, Plunkett once came in and guided the Raiders to a Super Bowl win, this time in Super Bowl XVIII. As things currently stand, he ranks fifth all-time in completions (960), sixth in touchdown passes (80), and has the fifth-best QB record in team history (38-19). He's also tied for the longest touchdown pass in NFL history (99 yards).

4. Rich Gannon

Gannon's another great example of a journeyman QB who found a home – and real success – with the Raiders. He didn't even sign with the team until he was 34, after underwhelming stints with Minnesota, Washington, and Kansas City. Then he signed with the Raiders in 1999 and ... immediately went on to make four straight Pro Bowls, capped off by winning the NFL MVP award in 2002. He does have the unfortunate distinction of throwing five interceptions in a Super Bowl – three of which were Pick Sixes

Still, his impact on the Raiders will always be fondly remembered. He ranks fourth all-time in Raiders passing touchdowns (114), third in passing yards (17,585), second in completions (1,533), and has the second-highest quarterback rating of any Raiders QB who's played more than 70 games for them. He'll forever be synonymous with the Jon Gruden Raiders era that wasn't a total disaster in every way.

3. Daryle Lamonica

Lamonica was one of the more underrated QBs of his time. He led the team – then still in the AFL – to four consecutive division titles from 1967 to 1970, and made an appearance in Super Bowl II (!). He was also known as a QB not afraid to throw it downfield in an era where that wasn't super popular yet, earning him his now-famous 'Mad Bomber' nickname. He was a two-time AFL MVP, a two-time Pro Bowler, and made the All-AFL team twice as well.

On the team record boards, Lamonica ranks third in wins (62-16-6), fourth in total passing yards (16,655), fifth in touchdown percentage (6.6%), and third in touchdown passes (148). At one point, Lamonica had the best winning percentage of any QB in NFL history.

2. Ken Stabler

I'd argue that no one's more synonymous with playing quarterback for the Raiders than Stabler. 'The Snake' led the Raiders to five consecutive AFC Championship games, was named AFC Player of the Year twice (1974 and 1976), and won Super Bowl XI. His list of awards includes NFL MVP (1974), First-Team All-Pro (1974), four-time Pro Bowler, two-time single-season touchdown leader (1974, 1976) and QB of the NFL's All-70s team. He was also, notably, a National Champion while playing under Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama.

His status on the Raiders' record board is just as prolific. He currently ranks second in touchdown passes (150), second in total passing yards (19,078), first in QB record (69-26-1), and third in completion percentage among Raiders QBs with at least 70 games played. He's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as the Raiders' Hall of Fame. He may not be the best Raiders QB of all time based purely on statistics, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a Raiders fan who thinks that Stabler takes second place to anyone else.

1. Derek Carr

With respect to everyone else on this list, Carr's the best Raiders QB ever – and it's not particularly close. He's played in the most games (142), has the most completions (3201), has thrown the most touchdowns (217), and has the most total passing yards (35,222). And granted, he played in a different era than the rest of these guys, but both his completions and passing yards are double the next closest QB. One especially depressing stat about Carr's time with the Raiders is that he somehow has the second most wins of all time (63) while also having far and away the most losses of all time as well (79).

Things aren't going particularly well for Carr now in New Orleans, but his time with the Raiders will always be appreciated by fans in Oakland (and Las Vegas I guess).