Davante Adams: Finally, a Raider as Frustrated as Raiders Fans

The Las Vegas Raiders have a star in Davante Adams, but even he has grown as frustrated as Raiders fans are with the team.

Davante Adams during the Las Vegas Raiders eventual loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023.
Davante Adams during the Las Vegas Raiders eventual loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Raiders star has an expectation to win

I love Derek Carr but he always seemed a little too giddy after wins. I think he consciously tried to downplay it, but you could always see the glow in his eyes or hear the excitement in his voice, when sitting at the podium after a win. Like this past Sunday, if Carr was on the team, he would’ve been acting the exact opposite way that his good friend Davante was.

That’s not a knock on Carr, by the way. The wins during his Raiders tenure were far and few between. So he can’t hide that, and who could ever blame him. Alternatively, Davante Adams has won so much, and in convincing fashion, that these mediocre performances that result in a win, just don’t do it for him. He sees past that.

He's spent his entire career on a winner and then comes to a losing franchise, it’s a recipe for frustration. He bears the burden of being the guy with the power to change the culture.

He knows what a winning organization is like. He expects the best – and he is the best. Therefore, he expects the ball. And then and only then will the Raiders offense perform at a higher level than they are right now.

It’s about time someone was frustrated even after a victory. It’s about time someone wearing a Raiders uniform didn’t take the easy way out just because of a win. He sees past that. He doesn’t let the victorious result distort his view of the team falling short in many aspects of the game.

I know I said Maxx Crosby is the face of the franchise. When things turn around it’ll be because of him. I believe that. But I also realize Crosby only knows the ways of the Raiders, so it is going to take a guy like Davante Adams who has seen successful elsewhere to also right the sinking ship.